A Level History Questions – A Do and Avoid Guide

How To Answer Questions Effectively

A Level History Questions – What to Do

A Level History Questions Tick
  1. Do ensure that you are clear and concise with your points. Therefore, you need to eliminate unnecessary waffle from your writing. Try to explain things in a way that is easy to understand and gets straight to the point you are making. Furthermore, select the evidence that is most relevant to your point and answering the question that has been asked.
  2. Do back your points up with facts and figures wherever possible. Avoid generalisation and inadequately supported points. Instead, support your points with relevant evidence because this is the difference between C grade answers and A/B grade answers. Substantiated judgement will take you to the higher levels.
  3. Do use analytical language that makes judgement. Analysis and judgement is key to answering questions well. By using analytical language that makes judgement like; ‘more importantly’, ‘less significantly’, your answer will show this.

A Level History Questions – What to Avoid

A Level History Questions Cross
  1. Avoid long passages of narrative. Narrative is simple description of events that have happened. A limited amount can be useful to introduce points and/or set the scene. However, most of your writing should concentrate on analysis, rather than narrative.
  2. Avoid terms like: firstly, secondly, finally. This is because these terms tend to make an answer read too much like a list. This hampers the flow of your answer and makes it less readable.
  3. Avoid using ambiguous terminology. Ambiguous terminology like, for example; ‘arguably’, signals that you are not clear and undecided. Use of the word ‘arguably’ does not make a judgement. Instead, make judgement on the issues and back your views with evidence.

How To Improve Further at A Level History

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